Day 10 – May 11, 2010 – Ten Signs You Are Becoming A Hockey Addict

Two weeks into this adventure to learn everything I can about hockey and the NHL, I am beginning to notice the twitch. You guys know all about the twitch, right? The one that inexplicably starts about three hours before the start of a hockey game on TV (or for those of you lucky enough to still have a home team in the playoffs, right before you start the commute to the arena).

For the seasoned fan, the twitch brings with it a knowing sort of grin. “It’s almost time,” you say to yourself. It’s almost time for flying pucks, spraying ice and the comforting voices of Emrick, Lange, Jeanneret, Thorne and Beninati to take you away from everything else for a couple of hours.

For some of us, like the newbie that I am, the twitch is at first confusing, and then comes the realization that this isn’t the only sign that you are becoming addicted to hockey.

The top 10 signs that you’re becoming addicted to hockey (newbie version):

10. You wonder if the Slovakia/Belarus match-up from the World Hockey Championships is being broadcast online somewhere

9. You start saying your 18-month old son’s name as if he is being named MVP of the Stanley Cup playoffs

8. You think you can make the drive to Game 7 of the Pittsburgh/Montreal series and still be back in time for work the next day

7. You get misty-eyed watching the NHL’s “History Will Be Made” commercials

6. You consider growing a playoff beard

5. You begin to think Brian Engblom’s haircut might look good on you

4. You can remember how to spell Byfuglien and Ovechkin but have no idea what your wife asked you to pick up at the grocery store

3. You begin to plan your January vacation…to Minnesota to see the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

2. You try to structure your work outfit to make a hockey jersey fit the “business casual” dress code

1. You practice Bobby Orr’s game-winning goal from the 1970 Stanley Cup every night while getting into bed

So like a friendly support group, share with us your twitch! After all we have to stick together right?


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